Kitesurfing in Argentina!!

Enjoying the fresh air!

Benifits of Titikite - School

Kitesurfing for Everybody

Whether young or old - if you are fit and healthy, nothing stands in the way of your career as a kitesurfer.

Renewing Your Mind

Kitesurfing is an adrenaline-charged activity that is practiced in full contact with nature.

Happy wife, happy life

The myth that you need a lot of strength and that kitesurfing is a men's sport is not true. So, dear girls, don't worry: we have equal rights.

Kite for Real Energy

To be pulled by a kite driven by the wind. To glide on the water with a small board. Makes it a very eye-catching and colourful show.

With us you can learn kitesurfing, in Argentina...

Now is the question: Which course suits you best?

Kitesurfing in Argentina

Your kite school in Argentina