Gauchos, tango and now kitesurfing in Argentina.

Kitesurfing in Argentina

Your kite school in Villa Gesell, the best kite spot on the argentine atlantic coast. 

We are proud to be the first multilingual speaking kite school in Argentina!

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Beginner's course

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Wind Theory
  • Detection of obstacles on the beach & water
  • Complete assembly + disassembly of kitesurf equipment
  • Use of the 3-step safety system
  • Flying a 4-line kite on the beach
  • Launching and landing the kite with a partner
  • Spot Theory
  • basic safety theory

At the end of this level you can control the kite. You also know all the important safety information. From now on you are ready for the water!

And those are the next steps:

  • Kite exercises in the water
  • One-handed exercises to learn how to use the board
  • Bodydrag-exercises to get safely to the lost board or the beach
  • Restarting the kite from the water
  • Theory & practice for self-rescue on the water

After this level you will be able to control the kite and launch it from the water. You will also be able to get your board back if you lose it. Now you are ready for the waterstart.

  • Waterstart exercise with kite and board
  • right of way rules
  • waterstart drill
  • Driving the first meters yourself
  • Final talk and feedback

NOW you can drive in both directions depending on the conditions!


Kitesurfen in Argentinien

Intermediate Course

Here’s what we’ll refresh:

  • Wind Theory
  • Detection of obstacles on the beach & water
  • Complete assembly + disassembly of kitesurf equipment
  • Use of the 3-step safety system
  • Fliegen eines 4-Leiner-Kites am Strand
  • Launching and landing the kite with a partner
  • Theory of self-rescue on water

In the end you are up-to-date and can control the kite safely again. You also know all the important spot information. 

And those are the next steps:

  • Waterstart in both directions
  • Kiting short and long distances
  • Ridding Upwind
  • Correction of your position
  • safe transition

As of NOW you are an independent kitesurfer. 

  • Controlled edge use
  • Your first tricks 
  • Different Jump techniques

Congratulation ! Now you’re infected with the kitesurf virus.

Kitekurs in Argentinien


You’d like a teacher who takes care of you exclusively? Then the 1-to-1 private lesson is just right for you. This guarantees that you will receive undivided attention and that you will reach your goal quickly.



The semi-private courses offered by TitiKite school provide a fantastic opportunity to experience the thrill of kitesurfing with friends! Learn kitesurfing in Argentina in a group of maximum 2 students. 

Kitekurs in Argentinien

Feel free to write us if you have any questions.

We kite because we love the sea.

The feeling of being pulled by the wind and riding the waves with the board. It is a unique feeling that cannot be described in words.

There is the freedom we find in kitesurfing.

You see it in the eyes of every kitesurfer. This expression of different emotions. Like a cocktail of joy, exhaustion, happiness, fear reflected in his eyes after an epic session.

As well as the feeling of being one with mother earth.

Kitesurfing is an adrenaline-fueled activity practiced in full contact with nature, and still an extreme sport. It must be learned with maximum safety and under the guidance of a professional instructor.

Our goal is for each student to become an independent kitesurfer.

TitiKite is your Kite School in Villa Gesell !!!

We are proud to be the first multilingual kite school in Argentina! Our Courses are in Spanish, German, English, Italian, French and Portuñol. TitiKite offers kitesurfing courses for every level. No matter if you are “beginner” and just want to try to control the “kite”. Or you want to intensively practice a new activity for a weekend. We also offer, “Refresh” courses or advanced courses for those who already know something about kitesurfing and want a teacher at their side.

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See you on the water!!!

"You can't buy hapiness, but you can buy a kite and thiat is pretty close."

Kitesurfing in Argentina

Your Kitesurfschool in Argentina